One of the secrets of a successful move is of course preparation. Here at Interstates Van Lines, we have gathered some of the most popular and useful moving & packing tips that will make your moving experience so much easier and enjoyable. For any question you have, Interstates Van Lines has prepared a proper answer that we hope you’ll find useful through your moving process.


Moving tips:
1. Plan your moving while making reservations for movers two to four weeks before the actual move day.

  1. If you have large appliances make sure you find all the instructions manuals and check for special conditions.
    3. Make sure there is a box packed with essential items you might need immediately and make it the last thing to add to the truck.
  2. As soon as you decide it’s time to move, start cleaning your closets, attic and basement.
  3. Schedule all the disconnects a week before the moving day so you prevent unnecessary payments.
  4. Mail in your change of address forms about  a week before the moving date.


Packing Tips:
1. Don’t mix items from different rooms in the same box.

  1. Use only small boxes for books as they get heavy really fast. Remember: the heavier the item – the smaller the box.
  2. When packing dishes, stick them upwards.
  3. Pack important documents and papers separately to be easily accessible.
  4. Never use duct tape, Use only packing tape.
  5. Label all the boxes on the top and sides.
  6. Try to pack all your electronic equipment in their original boxes.

8. Don’t use boxes without top. Remember: Always tape the boxes and don’t interlock the tops.